The Tourists – “An insult for our future gendarmes!”, “What are these puppets?”,


The Tourists - "An insult for our future gendarmes!", "What are these puppets?", "It's a shame!"  : the new issue of "Tourists" infuriates Internet users - Yahoo News

“It’s a shame!” : the new issue of “Tourists” infuriates Internet users

This Friday, August 5, facing the “Gendarme marie” broadcast by M6, TF1 is also betting on an immersion in the world of law enforcement with a new number of “Tourists”. Alongside Arthur, six personalities have an appointment at the National Training Center for Gendarmerie Forces, in Saint Astier, in the Dordogne. Iris Mittenaere, Cartman, Camille Cerf, Baptiste Giabiconi, Titoff and Julien Arruti will have to go beyond their limits and work as a team to get the best training for several gendarmerie missions. If the Miss brigade started its immersion seriously, Cartman, Julien Arruti and Titoff approached their adventure with much more lightness … which exasperated internet users.

“Value and Discipline”. Two words to illustrate the challenge that awaits the six new recruits of the new issue of “Tourists” broadcast this Friday evening, on TF1. As for the audiences, the previous adventures of the “Tourists” have been disappointing. The last number in a luxury hotel, broadcast in May, had gathered less than 2 million viewers. What about the new number released tonight? After the savannah, the mountains, the agricultural world, the hotel school and sea rescue, in this new immersion presented by Arthur, Iris Mittenaere, Cartman, Camille Cerf, Baptiste Giabiconi, Titoff and Julien Arruti put on their caps to train the basics of the police profession. Like all the other trainees, these brand new “tourists” undergo intensive 72-hour training at the National Gendarmerie Forces Training Center in Saint Astier, Dordogne. After donning the uniform, they are given several missions: arrests, search for missing persons, interventions, road checks… the program is very rich! The objective for all participants: to win as many badges as possible. The key to the winner: a parachute jump at an altitude of 4000 meters in tandem with the GIGN. From the first minutes of the show, a pair stood out for their involvement and seriousness: Iris Mittenaere and Camille Cerf. The two former Misses took up the mission of military salvation and that of roadside checks brilliantly.

“The gendarmes ask to be respected!”

If the recruits bend quite easily to the discipline of the places, on the side of the missions, it seems more complicated. Faced with scenarios very close to reality, Titoff, Julien Arruti, Cartman and Baptiste Giabiconi showed a certain lightness despite the strict instructions given to them. It is undoubtedly this same lightness which quickly exasperated many twittos this evening. For them, it’s very clear: this program does not pay tribute to the profession of policeman…

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